Why are we here?

Dating after college is difficult, and doing it during the midst of a global pandemic surely doesn’t ameliorate the process. Join me on my dating endeavors, and laugh at what I’ve learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

When The College Bars Close

I created this blog after conversing with other post-grad girls like myself who have been using dating apps (exclusively Bumble and Hinge – but don’t worry, there will be a throwback to my Tinder days soon), and who have had similar encounters as me. However, they may not know how to verbalize them.  I intend for the blunt depiction of my experiences to evoke comedic relief and to demonstrate that you are not alone in thinking that dating can be fun and eye-opening, but also extremely exhausting and discouraging.

Evidently, I do not want my naive, wholesome mother and corporate boss to have the unfiltered deets of my “dating” life, which is why this blog is anonymous, and all names in the posts have been altered to some basic, arguably abundant name. 

Each entry can stand on its own, and honestly I am not an adept web-designer and don’t have the patience to become one, so they are out of order. Regardless, read them all so that you can be a part of my ~journey~ towards an unknown destination.

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