Well, it’s happened again. “What’s happened again?” you may ignorantly ask. Well, I’ll tell you what. I slept with a Bumble boy after the second date, went on a long hike with him a few days later, got ghosted, got paranoid and went to Urgent Care to get tested, and then subsequently swore that I will no longer be gallivanting around with guys I meet on apps. I cannot be blessing this undeserving men with my tendency to get carried away in the moment and to be overly forgiving when they say “I promise I don’t have an STD, I haven’t had sex in a while;” because it only leads to disappointment.  Also as a side note: when I get my results back, I am bringing my body count back to 0; especially since I’ll be starting my adult working life soon. It only makes sense. 

The other day, my friend made a great point about the difference between dating apps and meeting people in person or through mutual friends. The majority of time on dating apps, the person you end up going out with does not have any connection to people in your “circle.” Therefore, if something unfortunate or disappointing happens, there is no third party who will be let down if things don’t work out. No guy wants to disappoint his Jewish aunt by being a dick to her friend’s son’s female cousin that she met at his Bar Mitzvah. On the contrary, a guy couldn’t care less about making you feel disposable when his reputation is not at stake to a “relevant” person. 

These past few weekends, when I’ve been going out to random house parties (again, I’m aware not very socially responsible of me now but your girl needs an outlet), I’ve been realizing how much fun I have when I talk to people I meet and who I have things in common with. I am capable of hitting it off after one interaction, where I can immediately detect if the banter is up to my standards, so why would I continue this series of underwhelming dates where I end up feeling used? 

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