Sunday Night Swiping

You spent your Sunday hungover with no one to cuddle you, binge watch TV with you, or to enable your unhealthy day of feeling like a bottomless pit. You’re feeling lonely and sensing the impending cuffing season. Even though you warded off dating, since you’ve only had mediocre experiences, you hope that this time will be different, and you start swiping again after a very short-lived hiatus. Naturally, being the hot, smart, sweet girl that you are, you are awaited with plenty of matches and your new roster begins. You can’t tell your friends about your upcoming dates yet, because they will just say, “but didn’t you tell me you weren’t going to use dating apps anymore,” and you begin your new week by once again discussing your hometown, why you now live in Denver, and what ski pass you bought for the season.

On Monday morning, if you have time, you filter out most of the men, and then narrow in on a couple whom you choose to converse with. By Tuesday, you should have a sense of who you would like to schedule dates with.  Tuesdays are a great day to plan dates, because most people do not have their full weeks planned out by that point. By Wednesday, your roster has probably dwindled as you’ve either been ghosted, or you decided someone was boring and only wanted to hook-up with you. Thursdays are arguably the best night for a first date of drinks. You aren’t giving this person your coveted weekend time (you can’t seem like a loser with no weekend plans/priorities), but this is an “acceptable” night to drink and isn’t too early in the week for most. 

Wednesday rolls around and there is a high chance you come up with some horribly excuse to cancel or you do follow through. If you go on the date, good luck sis, just choose a new friend to tell it about to. Your others are tired of thinking you found “the one” yet again.

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