Curating That Perfect Profile

I have seen enough profiles, listened to enough relationship podcasts, and discussed with enough of my male friends to know what goes into curating the perfect profile. We don’t want one that looks like we spent hours designing it (even if we did, which is an issue we should discuss with a professional); we don’t want one that sends a message that deviates from our intentions; and, we don’t want one that gives zero insight into our personality and interests.  For example, if you are just trying to be a total fuck-girl (nothing wrong with that), then having all thirst-trap photos and  “prompt” responses indicating that your only personality trait is being a big bruncher is unproblematic. In fact, it should get you what you want (that D). On the other hand, if you are looking for a ‘good’ guy and a relationship, you may want to display yourself more wholesomely and with photos and responses that give a better look into your priorities and life aside from relaying the info that your’e a huge party girl that may have peaked at junior year Apple Beta Pi spring formal. 

The most critical piece of advice I have is that most of your efforts should go into selecting your primary photo. When guys are swiping on an app, they most likely won’t look beyond the first pic. They will swipe right immediately if they think you are attractive at first glance. Likely, they don’t care how you respond to: “I go crazy for,””My typical Sunday consists of…”, “I’m known for,” etc. They just want to see if they could match with a hottie like you. That said, your first picture should ALWAYS be a solo shot. Don’t bait guys in by having your first picture be a group photo with all of your friends that are clad in the same Stan Smiths and light denim jackets. You want them to notice you and you want them to be swiping for you and not for your hotter friend. 

Group pictures are never a bad idea the further we get into the profile, since it demonstrates that we have friends and won’t be too dependent on our impending boy for social time. 

If you are super into something, such as a sport, activity, type of art, and it is a big part of your life, then you should show it! Photos that encompass your interests, whether its traveling, hiking, playing the guitar, etc all represent who you are and are always effective conversation starters. If you’re genuinely a big fisher, I will even let the CLASSIC fish picture slide.

Considering you likely are too passive to make the first move, it is easier for a guy to start a conversation by responding to a photo of you in Barcelona at La Sagrada Familia rather than to responding to a  picture of you holding a glass of wine in front of a wall. How is he supposed to respond to that? “Is that a merlot or a cab?” Yeah, I don’t think so. If you want more interesting conversations, then make yourself seem like an interesting person that could attract the the of guy you are going for. It’s that easy. 

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