About Me

Why am I qualified to pretend that I am the 2020 Carrie Bradshaw?

I’m not; however, I put myself out there. I am a firm believer that you DO miss all the shots you don’t take. Dramatic because I’m not even 23, but how am I ever going to know the type of guy I want to marry and have little munchkins with if I can’t sample all of the ice cream flavors?

Frankly, a motivating factor for my dating has been the urge to wear all of my cute clothes, get ready, and have meals paid for. Swiping alone is a great time-killer for an ephemerally fun-employed girl like myself, which inevitably has facilitated my ability to take action. Aside from that, I genuinely enjoy seeing the array of who’s on the market. I have been what some would call a ‘serial-dater’ these past two months, and because of it, I now know that my twenty-somethings will be anything but boring and that I have ample time to find the one. Also, I like to crack myself up and found myself writing notes about all my dates anyways, which inspired my fleshed-out writing entries

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