#No #more #apps and my new strategy

The day has come. We are vaccinated, bars are open, and everyone is #down to clown. It wasn’t until I dove deep back into the bar scene where I realized how much I missed striking up random convos with strangers and simply seeing what spontaneous situations would ensue (with boys and making girl friends too).Continue reading “#No #more #apps and my new strategy”

How many sexual ‘passes’ can you give?

The other night I went on my third date with a guy. You know the saying: “first date, second date, third date – fuck.’ Well, I definitely followed that protocol, Actually, nvm. It was hardly a fuck. In fact, he lasted a solid ten seconds. Yes you heard that right. Ten. The best part is,Continue reading “How many sexual ‘passes’ can you give?”

Looking out for your future self: Alc and sex!

In college, 90% of my hookups were when I was drunk. Not something I’m proud of, but hey it was the cliché college hookup culture and I was fully immersed. Most of the guys I went home with were after 5 too many vodka sodas out of a clear solo cup and rarely did IContinue reading “Looking out for your future self: Alc and sex!”

Digging my Own Grave

Evidently, things with me and ghosted-after-the-tenth-date-guy didn’t work out. Safe to say, I am irritated and disappointed. No, I am not sad or upset, because I never allowed myself to get too invested in him, but it just baffles me how a guy (25 years old) would do a fuckboi ghost after TEN DATES. LikeContinue reading “Digging my Own Grave”

Time for that Temp Check

When do I need to stop fooling myself by saying I don’t need someone that gives me loads of attention??  Let me give you a backstory: So for about a month and a half, I have been seeing the same guy.  Yes, you read that right. Same guy. At this point, we have probably seenContinue reading “Time for that Temp Check”

2020 and Taking Time for MYSELF

Despite the seemingly universal opinion that 2020 has been a shit show, it has proven to be my year of optimal growth.  Considering this is a dating blog, I won’t get into too many off-topic details, but I feel that my growth is grounded to me being more self-aware; in turn, enabling me to haveContinue reading “2020 and Taking Time for MYSELF”

Curating That Perfect Profile

I have seen enough profiles, listened to enough relationship podcasts, and discussed with enough of my male friends to know what goes into curating the perfect profile. We don’t want one that looks like we spent hours designing it (even if we did, which is an issue we should discuss with a professional); we don’tContinue reading “Curating That Perfect Profile”