Lately, I’ve been a “yes” girl, for better or for worse. In this story, it will become evident that I have not been practicing social distancing seriously, which I realize is not very responsible of me, but I promise my dry nostrils get regularly swabbed. Anyways, the other weekend, my friends and I were atContinue reading “TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREE DIRTY ‘TINIS”

Sunday Night Swiping

You spent your Sunday hungover with no one to cuddle you, binge watch TV with you, or to enable your unhealthy day of feeling like a bottomless pit. You’re feeling lonely and sensing the impending cuffing season. Even though you warded off dating, since you’ve only had mediocre experiences, you hope that this time willContinue reading “Sunday Night Swiping”


Well, it’s happened again. “What’s happened again?” you may ignorantly ask. Well, I’ll tell you what. I slept with a Bumble boy after the second date, went on a long hike with him a few days later, got ghosted, got paranoid and went to Urgent Care to get tested, and then subsequently swore that IContinue reading “EMO @ URGENT CARE”