“I feel like I’m crushing you”

As the title suggests, I recently dated a guy (Abe**) who was skinny. Like skinny skinny. Skinny enough where all of my past body dysmorphia issues resurfaced; he could not have his arm around me on the couch without a sharp pang of bone bothering me. Me, a brat and a vocal girl, made itContinue reading ““I feel like I’m crushing you””

#No #more #apps and my new strategy

The day has come. We are vaccinated, bars are open, and everyone is #down to clown. It wasn’t until I dove deep back into the bar scene where I realized how much I missed striking up random convos with strangers and simply seeing what spontaneous situations would ensue (with boys and making girl friends too).Continue reading “#No #more #apps and my new strategy”

How many sexual ‘passes’ can you give?

The other night I went on my third date with a guy. You know the saying: “first date, second date, third date – fuck.’ Well, I definitely followed that protocol, Actually, nvm. It was hardly a fuck. In fact, he lasted a solid ten seconds. Yes you heard that right. Ten. The best part is,Continue reading “How many sexual ‘passes’ can you give?”

Looking out for your future self: Alc and sex!

In college, 90% of my hookups were when I was drunk. Not something I’m proud of, but hey it was the cliché college hookup culture and I was fully immersed. Most of the guys I went home with were after 5 too many vodka sodas out of a clear solo cup and rarely did IContinue reading “Looking out for your future self: Alc and sex!”

Digging my Own Grave

Evidently, things with me and ghosted-after-the-tenth-date-guy didn’t work out. Safe to say, I am irritated and disappointed. No, I am not sad or upset, because I never allowed myself to get too invested in him, but it just baffles me how a guy (25 years old) would do a fuckboi ghost after TEN DATES. LikeContinue reading “Digging my Own Grave”

Time for that Temp Check

When do I need to stop fooling myself by saying I don’t need someone that gives me loads of attention??  Let me give you a backstory: So for about a month and a half, I have been seeing the same guy.  Yes, you read that right. Same guy. At this point, we have probably seenContinue reading “Time for that Temp Check”